Tom's Basement battled Angry Sylvester in Angry Sylvester vs Tom's Basement, He was voiced by Alexcar3000
Tom's Basement

Upon on whom the rapper is based


Verse 1Edit

Cut the crap, Sylvester. We all know what will happen.

I'll kill you and put your corpse on the basement where the corpses are!

I'll be laughing at your pain like I laughed at Tom's pain.

Why are you so angry, Sylvester? ever thought of anger management?

I'll sell this battle faster then you catching a yellow bird.

Huge claws? Bitch please, I seen bigger claws from a fucking bear!

I'm surprised that your story is on geosheas lost episode wiki,

that means you have suffered the same fate as Sonic.exe.

Verse 2Edit

I'll have the evil look, so you can see what i'm getting into,

I bet you like it if I get more violent, it will be crazy!

Now that Sylvester is the one getting killed on the process,

I won this battle...DON'T YOU BELIEVE IT.