Ticci-Toby battled Jane the Killer in Jane the Killer vs Ticci-Toby, He was voiced by Nathan Provost and Portrayed by Nice Peter

Upon on whom the Rapper is based


Verse 1Edit

Better slow it down and back it up. Yeah, I'm Toby.

And I'll chop you up so fast, you'll think I'm a shinobi.

You say that you're a total winner? A shining black star?

It's amazing how an injected drug would get you that far.

You may have more fame, But you're colder than rain.

Shank my chest? Bitch please. I c-c-can't even feel pain!

I ain't exactly coming under fire. It's more of a sauna.

That and you're the ho of a mad dog, high on stolen mari juana.

Verse 2Edit

Sorry, what was that last bit? Your disses bored me.

Bring Clocky into this again, and I'll make things gory!

I'm bark and no bite? Well, you're viciousness is so evasive.

You're a promotional stunt when your kills weren't creative.

Don't call me retarded. It's misunderstood.

I may not be Mr. Rogers, but you've stepped into my neighborhood.

I'll make you eat your words like a waffle and drink your disses in a cup.

Out comes my hatchets since like Clocky says, your time is up!


  • Toby's Line "But you're colder than rain." is a Reference to the Line in Eyeless Jack vs Laughing Jack when Toby said "When your colder than the rain"