The Wyoming Incident Battled Mereana Mordegard Glesgorv, Username666, ZƎLDA.EXE and Glitchy M00n in Mereana Mordegard Glesgorv vs Username666 He was Portrayed By Emo Owl
Wyoming Incident

Upon on Whom the Rapper is Based


I'm sorry, M00ny...but i'm afraid I can't let you do that...

Interrupting your vids for the SPECIAL PRESENTATION!

Triple333 will make you bleed, I'm the Wyoming Incident!

You'll see such pretty things, between 17-19 hz.

I just wish to fix you up, so why do you hate? All you should heed my words!

Packing more of a punch then Chicago's Max Headroom!

Your eyes, bugs, and glitches won't be hindering your doom!

I've got a pair of fan games, making screams go shrill!

To anyone who thinks they've beaten me, YOU ARE ILL!

Glesgorv? More like Gles-no-more! YouTube Poops outscare you!

Mei-Shniba, you might need to realize that you're now through!

Thomas, I ain't your father! You'd lose anyway, so why bother?

You want to be an 8-bit Ben Drowned? Go lose your breath in deep water!

Back to you, M00ny-shine. I've already seen what hides in your mind!

Didn't make me twitch! You're S!3v3n's bitch! Lose everything and jump in a turbine!

No TV remotes will save you, now here comes my mental sting!

I stand at the door, ready for more! It's the end of ALL GOOD THINGS!