The Chess Master battled Rap Rat in The Chess Master vs Rap Rat, He was Portrayed by KevinKrust
The Chess Master

Upon on whom the rapper is based


Verse 1Edit

Step up to this Chess Master? You're about to meet with disaster.

I've been on my A-game since age 7, so you'll never last, sir.

My rhymes snap beats like a Mouse Trap, even with your crap.

I wouldn't give this Apa-rat's own ass about this cheesy VCR rap.

What's with the video gallery of PowerPoint-esque proportions?

So many desperate flashes of crap, I'd expect Samara Morgan.

My initials backwards spell MC, But I guess you wouldn't learn.

Alright, I made my move. I'll now await my next turn.

Verse 2Edit

Destroyed, you false rodent? Why, you've hardly scratched me.

You couldn't even force my love to jump off a balcony.

You can pick your side, whether it would be black or white,

But I'll always pull the strings on reject Muppets stalking players day and night.

I know all the rules in this game, you'd never fairly beat me.

I may be an OC, but you seem OP to call yourself the OG.

Your efforts to truly beat me have earned you an F.

Now get crushed on a sewing machine, and join the Haitian girl in death.

Verse 3Edit

You make me Ra-moan-a because you're such a disappointment.

Remy the Rat's past abortion can go drink rat poison.

They call you the Big Cheese since your raps need Colgate.

I cleared the opposite side of the board, and I now call CHECKMATE!


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