Tails Doll battled Herobrine in Herobrine vs Tails Doll, He was voice by Woodenhornets (Normal) and B-Lo Lorbes (Demonic)
Tails Doll Project 20

Upon on whom the rapper is based


Note: Normal Voice of Tails Doll is Normal and Demonic Tails Doll is Bold

Verse 1Edit

You've joined Sonic R, now let the race begin!

These disses burn more than flint & steel, scorching your skin.

Go against me? The results are the same. 4 times I put Mephiles to shame.

Jot this down on your sign: THIS IS NO FUCKING GAME!

Now I'm really spitting ill, I always come for the kill!

Tagging you last, you'll die again. Say hi to Noah and Gill...

This MC's out EB, and I'll slay this mod for good measure.

Cut the crap, Herobrine. You're coming with me...FOREVER!

Verse 2Edit

"Nice verse", chump. You bombed like a Creeper.

This fox'll say he'll leave this blockhead with a TNT fever.

Don't try to meddle with me. My Tails'll be your noose.

Shouldn't have bothered facing me. Go do a round 2 with Beetlejuice.

Verse 3Edit

Well, in terms of raps, you'd win that race by Miles.

Trolling 6-to-9-year olds? When'd you become a pedophile?

Always Watching with white eyes, see me spread your Redstone.

Your life will be cut Shorter than your render. You're stuck on Hardcore Mode.

I'm your ender man. Flow so Chaotic, I don't need the Emeralds.

My claws dig through you like your sand pyramids. I'll burn your minerals.

My cry rings in your ears. It shows you'll lose the brawl.

Now put this Gem on your head and join my Collection of fellow dolls!


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