Squidward's Suicide Battled Cupcakes in Squidward's Suicide vs Cupcakes He was Portrayed by Nice Peter
Squidward suicidal tentacles by jyellowstudio-d7uxq7c

Upon on Whom the Rapper is Based


Verse 1Edit

I can't toy with you. I have a concert to practice for.

You'll be silent as Ponyville as I show 5 dead kids. Maybe more.

Your Hannibal Lecter act since Gilda will be left in vain.

Say whatever you want, but I was out like Kurt Cobain!

I'm the one that's been through my own torture porns.

You're just dangling a necklace of unicorn horns.

Kill me? Don't even try! I'll make you Spongecry

And it'll be uploaded as a 2-part .AVI!

Verse 2Edit

I'd rather get high on Bikni Bottom's nuclear fumes

Than even once hear that annoying voice from you.

You find your grin so menacing? Bitch please,

You wear it around so much, I ought to call you Face Freeze.

It takes 7 Luna Games to get your ass even observed.

I've seen Scottish salesmen that were way scarier.

You need to lighten up and stop causing painful moans

Because your rapping's shittier then your fanfic clones.

Verse 3Edit

Not interested, so i'm slamming shut my door.

I'm a well-known classic, not resorting to excess gore.

Oh, and I don't know how sex works? Who's fanbase coined clopping?

My past success is what you won't be likely topping.

Even by post-movie standards, I've still got some gems.

I even have a newer version of my story at the helm.

You're Not Suited For Work because on one gives two shits.

Are You Happy Now that Dashie's Friendship is Dead? Well...



  • Squidward's Suicide Says "Do it..." It Could Be a Reference to the one with the Deep Voice Telling Squidward To Do It and He Did It.