Sonic.exe battled MARIO in MARIO vs Sonic.exe He was portrayed by Both Cameron Greely and Emo Owl (just with the Demonic echo)
Demonic Sonic

Upon on Whom the Rapper is based


Verse 1Edit

Sonic.exe's the name, speed happens to be my GAME,

And by obvious comparison, I'm the one with more fame.

You're far more ordinary, even if your story's true.

I'll drain the riches of this poor .SMW.

Better jot down in your Notepad my Point of Advice:

Peach will never be found. I won't be saying that twice!

You're Haunting Most readers while reading my story is a should,

But sadly they are too blind, and that's no good.

Verse 2Edit

Ready for verse 2? I'm unraveling the seams!

Your soul's vile and diseased left in a black screen to scream!

Your heart's about to break from my sinister sin,

While you watch every soul die with your eyes gone missin'!

I'm having infinite fun, you're just wallowing in self-pity.

When you're down to one life, come to Genocide City.

My animal army's mauling you, you're in a triple-dot!

You call yourself my true king? Well, I AM YOUR GOD!

Verse 3Edit

Oh, so there's so many souls to play with. So Mary-sue me,

But there's so little time to do so. Would you agree?

I've got myself a cult, so the X marks the spot.

No one's able to help you since your game's what they forgot.

How can you get a victory when the polls showed you losing to your bro?

This MC.exe will rip off your patch, dealing such a B-low

Your Dragon Coins are more obtainable than your win. You can't hide it.

You watched every soul burn out. What say we talk in private?


  • Sonic.exe has battled MARIO before in Sonic.exe vs MARIO and Sonic.exe vs MARIO 2 by ERBoCP, So...This is the Third Time he Battled him