Rap Rat battled The Chess Master in The Chess Master vs Rap Rat He was voiced by Stofferex
Rap Rat

Upon on whom the rapper is based


Verse 1Edit

Let the terror begin! say CHEESE!

It's a Found Footage Fest of me killing this nerd with ease!

I AM FEAR on this track. I handed Mickey his loss, see?

You'll have your flow scrambled up, call it eggs or Yahtzee!

Say you're so Slimebeastly? You're more like a FireHack!

A weak pawn with attitude being what he lacks.

If anything, I'll have Alex join my Monopoly when you're through.

It may not be 3:30 AM, but MY DISSES WILL CURSE YOU!

Verse 2Edit

Damn right you Will! But you'll be getting destroyed!

I'm surprised you'd act more calm than A Couple o' Cowboys.

The only way you got this far is running home from your friend in tears.

Making me see bolder chess players from China and the Game Gear.

My rhymes will EXEcute you with a load of Amnesia

More than your girlfriend, call me an OC reaper,

Or the next Bubonic Plague after your corpse gets tossed.

You'll remember the name Rap Rat!

Monotome Announcer: "For he's the boss..."

Verse 3Edit

You think your likely racist quote can twich a true demon?

Well, you're dreamin'! You've got no dice to stop what I'm schemin'!

You can just say my name loud, but I wouldn't Risk it.

The Operation's a success, and you just got BUSTED!


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