Paige Notepad/Shrignold battled Freddy Fazbear in Five Nights at Freddy's vs Don't Hug Me I'm Scared, Paige is portrayed by Jessi Smiles and voiced by Becky Sloan , while Shrignold is portrayed by RoyNGTT
Paige Notepad

Upon on whom the Rapper is based (Paige Notepad)

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Upon on whom the rapper is based (Shrignold)


Verse 1Edit

What's your favorite idea? Mine's dissing out cheap perils.

What's with your voice there, Fred? Guess you're on the Fritzgerald.

Your friends need some HELP, but I won't SAVETHEM.

Is your head in the clouds? I'll chop it off like I'm Jason.

I got millions of hits before I saw you clowns.

Think Foxy'll bite me? I'll make him slow down.

Guess when it came to calling out Puppets, Billy was a better fighter.

Don't worry, Fred, because you'll be lost like when you were an 8-nighter.

Verse 2Edit

My shock factor's gone? Don't say yours isn't.

DeviantArt also knows a fox who says he wants to have some Naughty Chicken.

I teach the secrets of the universe, You just got scorn.

It's TIME I passed my brush to someone who Tore-adores you more.


No need to frown, Freddy. I bet you don't mean to scare.

You all wish for some LOVE, so you put on sad stares.

We'll make you and your friends a big, lovely Tombstone

Just to show that we care after leaving you Mando-pwned.

Verse 3Edit

Tell me you're the kids' MC? Anything but persuasive.

Now come on, guys. LET'S GET CREATIVE!

Insane PaigeEdit

I show the Bad Things That Could Happen to those who are my enemies!

If you value your poor career choice, then when I'm like this, don't step to me!

We'll cook you and your friends up, serving you as cake for children!


Normal PaigeEdit

Well, that was pretty fun. Pity you've got a notice of termination.

Now let's all never be creative again.


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