Herobrine battled Tails Doll in Herobrine vs Tails Doll, He was voiced by Cameron Greely

Upon on whom the rapper is based


Verse 1Edit

So, you've made it this far. I welcome thee to the Nether.

Don't need Creative Mode to survive this rapping endeavor.

Reverse race? Not exciting. Your little curse? Not frightening.

I drop the sword like the beat. TAKE A BOLT OF LIGHTNING!

Run from me in a race? You couldn't beat an Ocelot.

This ain't the Zone for you, Tails. You face an anti-god.

Slash set time to day, now Can YOU Feel the Sunshine?

Well, I'll stab you where it ain't. YOU'LL REMEMBER THE NAME HEROBRINE!

Verse 2Edit

I Hero-bring the pain, taking you down like the forums.

Think fighting me is Child's Play? You couldn't beat Krueger's abortion!

There's a difference between us, and this regards your mentioned curse:

Your power was sealed, I had to be removed. NOW WHO IS THE WORSE!?

Verse 3Edit

(STOP.) You think you pose a threat with your army of TY Beanie Babies?

If I wanted to be in that situation, I'd join a game of Ib.

Come in for the kill? I Abuse you with a Metal dolly.

Who cares about you anyway now? They want Sonic.exe!

Think those claws withstand me? I'll tear the stuffing out your crotch.

/kick it up a Notch when I add your blood to gold and make a clock.

No need to start a Search for you, I'll have Mojang make you Zombie chow.

Only your God can save you...but where is he now?


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