Freddy Fazbear/Golden Freddy battled Paige Notepad in Five Nights at Freddy's vs Don't Hug Me I'm Scared he was portrayed Taylor Cu and Voiced by both MrCreepypasta and Woodenhornets (Golden Freddy)
Freddy fazbear

Upon on Whom the Rapper is based (Freddy Fazbear)

Golden Freddy

Upon on whom the Rapper is based (Golden Freddy)


Verse 1Edit

Freddy's back again, kids! Time to burn this sketchbook.

Ran the horror show since '87. Ya ain't challenging by the looks.

IT'S ME who'll win! I'll break your bones like they're sticks.

Maybe you were disturbing, but now you're some clock's bi-bi-bi-bitch.

You're collectively defective while my flow is so affective.

Pretty bold that when it came to fighting us, you were selective,

But you're still getting Mangled with Foxy wanting another bite.

Just p-p-p-put down your pencil and enjoy our show tonight...

Verse 2Edit

Look who's flapping her lips trying to have us VGRBeat.

Your rhymes are so p-p-pathetic, you'd have to Kickstart our defeat.

Think you run this show? This match is--"...not in your control..."

Let's just Eat this bitch! I'm about to go gold!

Golden FreddyEdit

Just bear this in mind, you Muppet: you'll go in the shredder

Because when it's Golden Freddy here, it's the opposite of better!

Keep you subscribers and your channel with all your false shocks

Since It'll be your game I crash after I clean your clo--

Verse 3Edit

You think some Pesky Bee-e-e-e-e-e can even try to spit back?

Don't try amping me up to 20, or my free-roam will attack!

Looks like your power's run dry, and you didn't hit the timespan,

So that's some proof that your victory's faker than the Purple Man.

Maybe our Hidden Lore can shed some light on what we've done.

Call me an SCP since your data's getting ex-x-x-x-xpunged!

Bonnie and Chica disabled your doors, and I'm done Let's Playing with you!

Get the YouTubers Reacting since we'll stuff you in a suit!


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