Beta Luigi vs Sally.exe is the Second Installmental of the Decent Rap Duels of Creepypasta and the Second Battle of Season 1 It Features a Beta Version, Beta Luigi against The Sequal to The Worst Story Ever Sonic.exe, Sally.exe
Drdoc beta luigi vs. sally . exe


Main CourseEdit


Decent Rap Duels of Creepypasta!

Beta Luigi!






Kyle didn't want to play with me, that's a fucking shame.

And I can't play with you since you're still so lame.

Like your brother, you're an Italian stereotype.

If I were you, I'd give King Boo what he wants and DIE!

Even outside act 0, you're Not So Perfect,

And that dinky vacuum cleaner's your method to be protect(ed).

You only had one year of your own, that's a damn drag.

I won't be Kind and Fair, so I suggest you Go Back!

Beta LuigiEdit

I'm-a Beta Luigi, #1, motherfucker!

And with those mouth tentacles, you're such a cocksucker!

It doesn't take 24 hours to know originality's what you lack.

I'll suck up this blind and bloody hack, cutting no slack!

When it comes to rapping, I'll get the best ending.

You'll be executed, crushed, and ravaged in my mansions!

I've got a fistful of thunder, and a cold-hearted death stare.

Some ordinary gamers even say your cliche! Feel that burn there?


You have boos and silly ghosts in the official game

While my story has at least a slight bit of fame.

Even if those beta elements are true in reality,

It took a cup a' KC to point out your hara-kiri.

No need to keep on moping and Cursing. Fun is infinite!

Though your later death will be pretty definite.

Sonic, my love, he will taste blood and flesh soon.

So I suggest you join before the next Dark Moon!

Beta Luigi Edit

OH GOD NO! At this point, you'll need a Game Genie!

I'll make you Cease to Be as I ear lotsa spaghetti!

There's no need for round 2, you already lose.

I just want you to die! Do you get it? I HATE YOU!

Rapping skills like yours are why my shadow hangs itself.

I'd rather have your DVD collect dust on my shelf.

You won't be calling any monsters to win this fight!

With that said, my bittersweet princess: GOODNIGHT!

Who's the winner!?

What's the next match!?

Place your decisions!

Decent Rap Duels of *vacuum whirrs* Creepypast-AAAAAAAAAaaaah! *logo gets sucked in*


Who's the winner!?

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