Ben Drowned Battled BRVR In Ben Drowned vs BRVR, He was Portrayed by Cameron Greely and Voiced by David Near
Ben Drowned

Upon on whom the rapper is based


Verse 1Edit

You shouldn't have done this, now it's your terrible fate.

I'm a Cleverbot, you're a Smarterchild, you can't take my hate.

Take this little reservation to a more eternal damnation.

Super Smashing you like those at Final Destination.

I'm a Fierce Deity on this track, you're a psycho sqeuaker.

Tone down your voice, I can't hear you over the speakers!

You may be a Pokemon, But I have all the Pokeballs.

You can say when it comes to the odds of winning, I've caught 'em all!

Verse 2Edit

My flow's going 3D, you can't run from me.

A new .wmv to show I'm the true emcee!

You'll end up more dead then your second channel.

I always come out on top, just check the judge's panels!

Face my lyrical Elegy, and you'll feel extra Emptiness.

The father is currently smiling since I'm the one winning this.

It won't take a pair of Iron Boots to stomp your disses flat!

Story deleted due to no quailty control? I'm glad they did that...


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