Angry Sylvester battled Tom's Basement in Angry Sylvester vs Tom's Basement, He was voiced by Stofferex
Angry Sylvester

Upon on whom the rapper is based


Verse 1Edit

Sylvester is here to see that this mouse isn't so gigantic.

You think you're scary? Ha! Don't make me laugh.

I'll abuse you like how Tom's owner abused him, it wouldn't be a chore!

These lights aren't good for the verse, so allow me to tear them down.

I'll make this whole battle violent if you try to make me angry,You'll end up dead silent like the music of my episode!

I'll taste your blood once this battle is done,

and I'll kill you like you killed Tom and leave your show CANCELLED!

Verse 2Edit

I'll make you suffer from epilepsy and this won't be pretty.

You won't be selling houses anymore once I win this battle.

Your TV will turn on by itself and it will show your death,

this episode ends now but yours won't come up next.


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